No 2.3 (Alain Farah)


Le digestible // David Bélanger

Leaving the Harbour: Part I

About the Phrase Tabula Rasa
A Seductive Woman Like Rrose Sélavy
Big Party at AJ’s


Alain Farah // PØST-

Leaving the Harbour: Part II

Playing Hide and Seek with Heisenberg (not easy)
HM Lost His Arm
Appendix to Curiosity (second wave)

Texte inédit

All work and no play makes Trudy a dull girl

Leaving the Harbour: Part III

Thus-Metre (literature does not write itself)
Before Psychology There Was Nutrition
A Visit to Doctor Dong’s


Exquis, esquive, esquisse : neuf fois Alain Farah // Jean-François Chassay

Photo: Jimmi Francœur, 2017