Big Party at AJ’s

written by Alain Farah
transl. by Gabriel Kunst

So early and the room is already full. The disappearance of the glass makes Lamartine fairy of the event. Afterwards, it interferes in the sixth House, because I’m the champion of the transparent stomach.

The pestle as an attentive reader eats pope for dessert. I talk about the fact that I talk, which shows to what extent there is nothing to understand. Further, Joseph’s mother sometimes goes to the hippodrome.

Three guests, two chairs.

Then read Nicolas II, fanfare or Anaesthesia. The old school increased by cannon fodder, graduated, publishable, built under a period fan.


Original: Alain Farah, Quelque chose se détache du port, Montreal, Quartanier, 2018 [2004], p. 15.
Photo: Camille Rémillard-Vigneault