Thus-Metre (literature does not write itself)

written by Alain Farah
transl. by Gabriel Kunst

In the attic of the hands, we would hide the equation of the origin under our teeth:

[one old woman + one old woman]

But the vegetable’s future has become more complex. From one digestion to the next, we have developed a nervous theorem:

[reading, rereading, rerereading, rererereading, rerererereading, ∞]

Then, to the sound of limping, the formulae proved as succulent as the arsenal. Logic has given way to threats:

[if Jacob brakes, things no longer make sense]


Original: Alain Farah, Quelque chose se détache du port, Montreal, Quartanier, 2018 [2004], p. 19.
Photo: Camille Rémillard-Vigneault