And I Faint

by Alice Bergeron

in this nice hive of a bar
two young men discuss whey and proteins

I’m missing precious molecules of serotonin
half my face writing in English
the other half lost in translation

je suis aussi seule qu’il est possible de l’être

               hopes and hops
dreaming off IPA induced commas
International, Phonetic, Alphabet
Intermediate, Pulsating, Awareness
Intermittent, Paroxysmal, Attractiveness
Incessant, Pun-ridden, Abdications

I drop my keys on the floor
then fall to my knees
nanoelephant freak dancing to no rhythm

is this where boredom and self-pity lead
after having held so many heads sorry with thought?


[Alice Bergeron is a PhD student at the Université du Québec à Rimouski. Her first collection of poetry, Désordinaires (2014), was followed by some publications here and there. She writes in both English and French, working odd jobs while pursuing her explorations in poetry, performance art, physical theater and dance.]