The Sublime

by Richard Oyama

Like endless rain in a paper cup
Snow crowns the red letterbox
Blue-dark mountains scarve in mist
Upon a world our eyes sup
In silence like cataracts of
Whiteness. Cup the spill.
Track a mapless country.
Tup drifts unshorn. Ax
The frozen wood of the heart.
Sip drizzle: these are sublime facts.
—-If ice flows from a promontory’s tip
—-Raise angels from the snow.


[Richard Oyama’s work has appeared in Premonitions: The Kaya Anthology of New Asian North American Poetry, The Nuyorasian Anthology, Breaking Silence, Dissident Song, A Gift of Tongues, and others. The Country They Know (Neuma Books, 2005) is his first collection of poetry. He has a MA in English (Creative Writing) from San Francisco State University. Oyama taught at California College of Arts in Oakland, University of California at Berkeley and University of New Mexico. His first novel in a trilogy, A Riot Goin’ On, is forthcoming.]