Sky lore

by Nadia Gerassimenko

open road / neon lights / violet sky / you & i / you & i / yeah we ride / ‘til the sun doesn’t come / ‘til the forests stop their burning / cherries pop blossom dead / & the crows lose their way / yeah we ride / to the sky / to the sky / to the end / of this world / ‘til all peaches rot black / ‘til the sleeping lions laugh / & all beaches are emptied / only white noise remains / ‘til our last kiss goodbye / honey tangerines & wine / ‘til we’re crimson baby blue / diamonds in the sky


[Nadia Gerassimenko is a Web Copy Quality Auditor at The HOTH, former Managing Editor at Luna Luna Magazine, writer, and visual artist. In her spare time, Nadia enjoys playing survival horror video games screaming her lungs out, watching 80s good and bad flicks, listening to gothic rock, composing poems while showering, and just goofing off with her husband and cat.]