by Grace Yannotta

No, seriously evoke the hat evoke it provoke it invoke me and perhaps it will make sense but take care your fingers are starting to sweat and the pencil marks on the page smear smear sm all over your thumb so take care did you forget a word no you didn’t yes you did yes you did is this all funny to you because cucumis sativus if the leaves get too big sativus the leaves are too large then the sunlight cucumis can’t reach the bottom of the pot sativus and I’m still waiting and the rain cucumis sativus the rot from the rain searching for more sativus burpless you forgot a word again head scratch smear on your fingers fingers we’ll move away to Washington DC state George cucumis smearing the page again sati sati sativus osmosis reverse osmosis rotting from the rain you are speaking in Mandarin and your fingers are starting to sweat so take care with my brain tucked gently into my hat cerebellum cucumis cerebellum antebellum I do believe that we are antebellum because the leaves are far too large so sativus the sunlight cannot reach the bottom of the burpless pot and if you look very closely take care the leaves on the very bottom are crumbling and yellow cucumis sativus and the bugs you forgot a word again the bugs are perpetrating an antebellum no, a full bellum take care cerebellum cucumis the sunlight cannot reach the bottom of the pot because what are facts anyways because take care because burpless and also Tucker Carlson the sunlight can’t reach the cucumis and the antebellum is now a full-out bellum smeared on your fingers we’ll move away to Washington DC because the hat is now a hoodie a pantsuit Tucker Carlson again sorry it really does sound like Mandarin and the sati sati sativus osmosis is here again and the sati sati cucumis sativus is what I have left.


[Grace Yannotta is a 2019 Best of the Net nominee and a sophomore at UNC, double majoring in English and History. She has work published or forthcoming in Ghost City Press, Pider Mag, and Gravity of the Thing, among others. She is also an associate editor and writer at Limeaid, a writer for Her Campus at Chapel Hill branch and an Editorial Coordinator for Poets Reading the News. You can find her on Twitter.]