Escaping a Father’s Dream

by Annie Abrahams


sand flowing through fingers

beach is bitch is beach
I am the bitch
i am the beach

time as not time, accelerated, out of my mind
out of
out of
out of
out of
out of
out of
out of
out of

out of
spinning in multiple directions at the same time
not touching, not feeling, but depending on
the spin of
my spin
my soul

the weight gives itself

I have (no) time
the tide is rising
the shoes are modern

as long as 01001011000101 as long as only two no one will no one will find enough differencebut acatwilldie and I too I want to becomeiiiiiiI’s i’swants my body(s)Revolt(s) it summoned analysis where before there was only difference a dialogue withwhatisalreadythere

applause and compliments are dangerous


bittercold handshoes don’t fit
turning rounds around the island of the plague,
pigs, thousands of pigs’ carcasses
smile at me, big tender eyes, their eyes
eyes for when I have forgotten, eyes that caress
and never, ever disappear



the grid is gridding grinding goal
howling howl in howards green
storing stays stools stand
pure language is a fake
as is pure movement
only counts the sensation
sentiment satisfaction
waving wales wide away

take care

[Annie Abrahams is a multi-media artist and performer with a great interest in language. In projects like the Reading Club, an online venue for collective reading and writing, unaussprechbarlich, Utterings and (E)stranger? she combines research and performances around our contemporary life in between languages. Abrahams is a long-time member of the Electronic Literature Organisation. Recently she published with/in languages – a pretty pathetic / avec et dans les langues – un assez pathétique in Hybrid 07 | 2021. Her poetry appeared on Internet ExploreurBe Like Body – Obsolete #4 and occasionally also on Facebook.]