Elixir of Ordnance

by Paul Edward Costa

               The second of my two daily pills
fell to the floor
where its capsule cracked
                                                  in half,
seventy-five milligrams
setting fire to the old apartment
               where you used to live
and every former tenant
               filled with nostalgia’s audacity

since a group’s lamentation
               is never really a lament,

where every step taken
               lands next to a framed mirror
                                                  labelled as a painting
so narcissism simply becomes
                                                 art appreciation
while the stumbling blind can be openly mocked
                                                                      as barbarians

                                                  and are.


[Paul Edward Costa is a writer and spoken word artist who has published over fifty stories, articles, and poems in periodicals such as Aphelion: The Webzine of Science Fiction and Fantasy, Brick Books, Crack the Spine Literary Magazine, Entropy Magazine, and REAL: Regarding Arts and Letters. His novella Dark Magic on the Edge of Town was put out by Paperback-Press.]