by Drew Pisarra

The major drawback to being so tall:
A big dick can look relatively small.
Lying in bed with a giant is weird,
especially on this twin-sized bed where
he retracts his inert form so his feet
won’t extend outside the frame. I had heard
that sleeping with a Titan’s dangerous,
that I might grow dizzy in a Russian doll
way or I might get crushed by amorous
limbs as clumsy as they are colossal.
When he curls around me deep in his dream,
I mirror his shape in miniature
while one arm traps me like a fallen beam
that blocks out the frostbite of insecure.


[Drew Pisarra is one half of the poetry activation duo Saint Flashlight. (The other half is poet Molly Gross.) His book of queer love sonnets Infinity Standing Up was released by Capturing Fire Press in early 2019.]