Agents of Chimpanzee

par Joshua Martin

Star-nosed moles
respond to
micro             shapes
       ,       strategic revisions
      hidden in geometry.

Applied electric eels
          the idea of a hospital. What can

a womb theorize
without a dictionary?

      Meaning plagues erstwhile
      hands in clay / with expertise,
essential continent
a new rebellion.


[Joshua Martin is a Philadelphia-based writer and filmmaker, who currently works in a library. He is the author of the books automatic message (Free Lines Press), combustible panoramic twists (Trainwreck Press), Pointillistic Venetian Blinds (Alien Buddha Press) and Vagabond fragments of a hole (Schism Neuronics). He has had numerous pieces published in various journals including Otoliths, M58, Don’t Submit!, Ygdrasil, RASPUTIN, Ink Pantry, Nauseated Drive, and Synchronized Chaos. You can find links to his published work at]